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Sometimes, it seems like nothing will change

It’s another day of running through the list of things you
wish were different. Other people would say that you’ve got it all together, but inside, you feel like a mess. If only they knew.

You feel like such a fraud.
You’re so good at figuring out how other people should do it, yet making change for yourself is hard… maybe even impossible. It’s like, no matter what you do, you’re still STUCK. 

You spend hours Googling how to do things differently, the next fad to try, the next secret to making it better.“Maybe this time,” you tell yourself, and yet you come up empty handed… again. 

You swear that you’ve tried to get off the hamster wheel but NOTHING seems to work. Sometimes it all seems so hopeless, like change won’t ever happen for you.

 You don’t know who to trust or what to do.

There HAS to be a better way. You just wish it was all easier to figure out.

You just want to feel better

Imagine giving yourself space to detangle all of that chaos inside.

Imagine quieting the noise long enough to put the puzzle pieces together and make sense of it all.

Imagine talking it out without worrying if you’re crazy or weird.

Hey there, I’m Anne Marie

 First things first, my name is Anne Marie Schoenherr (“Shay-ner,” in case you were wondering).
I have dedicated my therapy practice to working with women with anxiety who want to feel better and get back in control of their lives.

How do you know if you have anxiety? Well it looks different for everyone, but do you find yourself:

Never feeling good enough
Picking fights with loved ones
Losing track of time or procrastinating
Feeling guilty – like all the freaking time
Being super irritable
Beating yourself up for making mistakes
Not understanding why you can’t just make a damn decision
Wanting things to just be right
Making a shit ton of lists and not actually getting to them

If you have checked off 2 or more of these – it may be worth chatting to see if we could be a good fit – no wasting your time with someone who isn’t going to help. Schedule a consult by clicking HERE




Do you ever find yourself running away from that sinking fear that you’re going to be found out – that you’re just not enough?

Do you beat yourself up more than anyone else could? Sometimes so much that it keeps you up at night and you ever feel like you just can’t take anymore?

I’m guessing that if those are true, you also wonder when enough will be enough that you’ll finally be satisfied.

Listen, no one taught us that these thoughts and feelings are anxiety. You aren’t supposed to have it all figured out, already, but together we can explore ways to tackle it and actually make a change. I know that sometimes it feels hopeless, but if I didn’t know that change was possible, I wouldn’t be a therapist. Find out ways that I can help you by clicking below: