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Contact Information

Phone: 731-671-8428
 Fax : 901-328-9390

Services and Availability

*All sessions are held via video.

Weekly sessions are scheduled for:
Tuesdays or Wednesdays
10 AM – 5:30 PM (Central Time)*
Some rescheduling opportunities available on some Thursdays or at times that are not listed. 

Typically, we will choose a regular, weekly meeting time for your 50 minute sessions, unless we agree that a different frequency or session length would be a better fit for your clinical needs. Extended sessions may be available.

*Availability for specific session times for new clients are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed. For the most updated availability, please e-mail me at annemarie@amitytherapysolutions.com or schedule a phone consultation to discuss our options.

You’re Still Unsure If a Consult is for You

This isn’t some kind of trick – it really is just a complimentary service that I provide so that we can get to know one another before you commit to scheduling. This way, I can let you know if and how I can help you and you can get your questions answered before ever meeting in the office.

If you fall into these categories, setting up a 20-minute phone consult is your next action step:

1. You’re ready for change and would like to schedule an intake.
2. You’re ready for change, but you want to make sure we’re the right fit.
3. You think you’re ready, but you still have a few questions.

 AND, if we aren’t a match,  I’ll hand pick three other providers for you to contact who may be just what you’re looking for so that you know I’m committed to making sure you find your best fit.

What’s there to lose? Check out my availability, below and let’s get chatting.