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Anxiety Counseling in Memphis

You feel so overwhelmed by the loud voices of criticism, reminding you what you should be doing or should have done.

You feel a constant buzzing, knowing there’s something that you’re forgetting or failed at.

Sleep is hard… getting through your day can be a drag. You’re tired so you get angry… and then ashamed at your outbursts – a snap at a coworker here, a biting comeback to your partner there, every time walking away wondering why you can’t have better control over your reactions. You resent yourself and people around you, they never really get what you’re going through.

Even changes in plans can derail you and it’s hard to keep the overwhelm at bay. You want to get things done but feel paralyzed.

You commit to things but have no energy to follow through. Eventually, you’re faced with getting through it with a fake smile, squirming inside to run away or ruining your night with guilt over disappointing someone.

It’s the never ending debates that get so tiring – the replays of the “I should haves” that always end up spiraling into all of the times you have failed, disappointed others, or embarrassed yourself.

You end up feeling so hopeless… and angry… and alone.

No one gets it.

No one understands or would understand how f*cking hard it can get sometimes. Your family looks at you and you feel worthless, unable to explain why unloading the dishwasher felt so impossible today.

You wish you could sort it all out, take time with someone who gets it, who can help you understand and control those voices in your head telling you that you’re not good enough. You want to wake up, not replaying the past failures, not worrying about future mistakes, but being grateful for another day.

Imagine having the drive and motivation to actually do your to do list.

Imagine feeling proud and accomplished… enjoying your relationships again, feeling the freedom to socialize and engage with other people without the dread of messing it all up.

Imagine being able to take a deep breath, with your chest free of pain and the heaviness.

Imagine saying all of this and someone actually getting it.