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Licensed Marriage and family therapist in memphis, Tennessee

You’ve always believed in therapy… You’ve read the self help books, you’ve followed the gurus, but you haven’t listened to that voice in your head pushing you to just make the call.

If you’re going to DO this therapy thing, you NEED it to be right.  You comb over therapist profiles looking for your match and no one seems to get it. You wonder why it’s so hard to find the right fit.

You desperately want to find someone to help. Find someone to HELP you hope.

You want someone who will walk with you and support you as work to quiet that nagging voice in your head that tells you that you’re getting it wrong.

You want to work with someone who trusts your instincts and listens to your needs……someone who will embrace the weird and get it…
…someone who will customize the therapy experience for YOU.

Finding a therapist that fits doesn’t have to be complicated. 

This practice is a safe place for many hard working women who want to focus on themselves, for once. People who want to learn HOW to take care of themselves instead of everyone one else…. all…. the…. damn…. time. It is here that we can work on making space in your busy calendar for YOU. We work on things like worrying less, accepting more, and figuring out what the heck you even want. It’s together that we can figure out how you got here in the first place. Together, we can find your own voice and land on solutions that work for YOU.

I see therapy like taking a road trip (stick with me here) – YOU are the driver and I’m along for the ride. I can navigate – help you notice the bumps in the road, an upcoming detour, or suggest a pit stop – but ultimately YOU have control of the wheel…and the radio…and everything else. We may have the destination figured out but not exactly how we’re going to get there… that’s the joy in the journey – experiencing it, together.

I trust you and your expert opinion about your own life, even if you haven’t learned to trust yourself, yet. Don’t worry, we’ll get there. We have lots of avenues to pursue, whether it’s therapy with you and your partner, meeting like minded women in our therapy book club, or just setting time aside each week to chat with me, alone, this is all about taking care of you in the ways that feel the best to YOU.


You Feel Different But You Don’t Have to Feel Alone

Being in the South means that Christian therapists are all over the place…Not here. I aim to provide something different, because I am different. So, if you’re Agnostic or Atheist, transitioning out of religion, or you can’t find someone to work with your beliefs, I’m letting you know that I’m here. And, guess what, if you are religious, that’s fine too… we’re cool. You can bring that in as much or as little as you like, and the same goes for any other lifestyle choices, preferences, characteristics, orientations, whatever. We can work from whatever perspective YOU bring in. After all, this therapy is about YOU.  

This is a laid back, no bullshit atmosphere to feel whatever you’re feeling and speak whatever you’re thinking, no matter how you fear it may sound. So many women who I see worry about feeling stupid, crazy, or weird. Those aren’t words I’m willing to use because they all come from a point of not wanting to understand what’s actually going on. The point isn’t to have it all together when you come in, but to just lay out the pieces and let me help YOU make sense of it

As an ally and an advocate, is important to me to continuously strive to be inclusive, affirming, and celebratory while you share and explore your unique values, identities, and culture. 

As for the Official Stuff…

Professional Qualifications, Affiliations, and Education:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #1507, Board for Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marital and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapists.

Clinical Fellow, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists

Master of Science Degree, Child Development and Family Studies with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, Purdue University Northwest (Calumet)

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Human Development and Family Studies, Central Michigan University