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About Anne Marie

… You question if this is the happiest you’ll ever be and wonder what’s wrong with you that you’re never satisfied. Yet, you keep pushing for more.

You find yourself searching late at night for help. You feel like things are fine and then it all comes crashing down on those dark days when you can’t seem to push away the overwhelm. You catch yourself zoning out, scrolling mindlessly, daydreaming of the life you’d rather havethe person you’d rather be.

Day by day you work yourself up to having the courage and motivation to push through the fear that you’re not good enough, to go ahead and try to make things better.

You’ve always believed in therapy… You’ve read the self help books, you’ve followed the gurus, but you haven’t listened to that voice in your head pushing you to just make the call.

If you’re going to really DO this therapy thing, you need it to be right.

So, you comb over therapist profiles looking for your match and no one seems to get it. You wonder why it’s so hard to find the right fit.

You just want someone to help guide the way to where you want to go. You want someone who will walk with you and support you as work to quiet that nagging voice in your head that tells you that you’re getting it wrong.
You want to work with someone who trusts your instincts and listens to your needs… 

…someone who will embrace the weird and get it… 

…someone who will customize the therapy experience for YOU.

iin Finding a therapist that fits what you need can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.  I usually mesh the best with hard working women who want to focus their attention on themselves, this time. I see our work together as an opportunity for you to find your own voice and land on a solution that works well for you.

I see therapy as a lot like taking a road trip  (stick with me here) – YOU are the driver and I’m along for the ride. I can navigate – help you notice the bumps in the road, an upcoming detour, or remind you that it’s time for a pit stop – but ultimately YOU have control of the wheel…and the radio…and everything else. We may have the destination figured out but not exactly how we’re going to get there… that’s the joy in the journey is experiencing it along the way, together. I trust you and your expert opinion about your own life, even if you haven’t learned to trust yourself, yet. Don’t worry, we’ll get there.

This is a laid back, no bullshit atmosphere to feel whatever you’re feeling, no matter how stupid or weird that you worry it may sound. The point isn’t to have it all together when you come in, but to just lay out the pieces and let me help you make sense of it.


I know that finding someone in Memphis, TN who doesn’t work from a religious point of view can be a struggle, so I’m letting you know, I’m here. If you’re agnostic, atheist, Christian, Jewish, Wiccan, Muslim, Bhuddist, whatever, we’re cool. We can work from whatever perspective YOU bring in. After all, this therapy is about you. This goes for any other lifestyle choices, preferences, characteristics, or orientations. While we can incorporate how your cultural values impact you and relationships, it will never deter me from working with you. If you’re human, you’re welcome here.